Fat Shaming Affected the Way I Looked at Food

As more and more people use social media unfortunately that has seen something of an increase in regard to the number of people who are fat shamed online.

However, people can be abused simply for being overweight in many different environments. This weight loss success story looks at one person’s journey after they were fat shamed and how they then managed to lose weight and increased their self confidence and kept that weight off too.

My doctor is going to have kittens if he reads this. But, it’s my body, and ultimately my article and my story.

After being fat shamed as a teenager, I tried pretty much everything you can imagine short of getting a gastric band to lose weight. It was only when I looked at my lifestyle when I was really low, something clicked. Everything I was consuming was full fat. I’ll get to the booze bit shortly.

Crisps, Biscuits, Cakes, Bread, Chips all of them are calorie and fat laden. Then there was the alcohol consumption. From the age of around 13 or 14 my parents allowed me to have the occasional drink (they had a fully working and fully stocked bar). Beer and Wine are calorific! So, I started to work out how to ration all the luxuries in my life. How could I still enjoy things, but not be taking in so much?

The answer was really simple, moderation and restraint.

I started off with the main culprits, which were Crisps, Cakes and Biscuits. Opting to go for reduced fat versions, or simply cutting them out all together. If it’s not there, you can’t have it. Instead I replaced those things with Nuts, Seeds, Raw Vegetables and Fruit. Then there were the Chips, fluffy on the inside, golden brown deep fried potato goodness. They had to go, fried potatoes on bread is basically tragic. Instead I learned to make my own potato wedges (still full of carbohydrates, but not deep fried). The bread was simple, I swapped from white to wholemeal, and in actual fact, I prefer wholemeal bread.

Alcohol however was a bit of an issue. My parents had no qualms with me drinking Beer, Wine or Cider, but were dead against top shelf stuff. As I’m not a cider drinker (too sweet), that left Red Wine, White Wine and Budweiser. So, what I did was Google some ideas (way back in the 2000’s when we only had 56kbps dial up. Yes kids, there was such a thing as having to wait to download something!).

I discovered that with red wine, I could make sangria. White Wine I could water down with soda water or lemonade and that there was such a thing as ‘Light’ beer.

Think about it, moderating what you take in, and adjusting things to suit you is the best of both worlds. Not to mention that bottle of wine will go a lot further if you water it down!

A diet change shouldn’t be like torture it should be an inconvenience, and allowing yourself a couple of treats once or twice a week is the key to it not feeling like you hate it.