Bullying Forced me to Lose Weight

Bulling is sadly on the increase and it can happen to anyone at any time. Being bullied at school is a horrible experiencing, much more so if the reason you are being bullied is that you are overweight.

Throughout this website you will find a range of stories sent in from website visitors who have managed to lose weight for a range of different reasons, and the follow one look at how one person managed to lose weight after having been bullied.

Let’s be honest, kid’s are cruel. I can say that now because I’m nearly 30 and I’m seeing it with my nieces. But that doesn’t alter the fact I’m still haunted. What happens during your childhood stays with you for life. The bullies however have also had their retribution in the fact their own children are now in the same boat I was when they were tormenting me.

Actually, I was like a great big (literally) target for anyone. Gay, Sensitive, Left Handed, Fat, Short, A Natural Performer on Stage. The only things I was missing were glasses and braces on my teeth to have the full set!

After being nicknamed some horrible things, I spiralled into a depression, which then led onto an eating disorder, an eating disorder that still holds me in its clutches, if I let it. I went from Chunky Teenager to a lean dancer in around 6 months. Dramatic weight loss due to cutting everything out of my diet at my lowest, I was around 6 stone, which for someone who’s 5’6” is shamefully low.

However, during these dark times, I discovered something, something that I have a flair for, and that is food. My poor mothers gas bill must have been a fortune because I was constantly experimenting in the kitchen, creating wholesome, filling food that was not only as cheap as possible, but as low fat as possible and didn’t taste like cardboard. Gradually, I started to put weight back on, though not without hard work and the bullies’ voices still shouting in the back of my head.

I went from one extreme to the other, and then as I grew into myself, I found my happy medium. So when it comes to losing weight because you’ve been Fat Shamed, just remember, don’t take it too far, there are 2 extremes with weight, and you want to really fall slap bang in the middle of the two. Not too big, but not wasting away. And for the love of God, if you want a bloody donut, have one, but don’t then go back and have another and another. It’s a treat, and you have to treat yourself once in a while because otherwise you resent all the healthy stuff you’re eating on a daily basis.