New Hairstyles to Try Out After Losing Weight

As soon as anyone has lost weight, they often get a huge buzz out of being able to go clothes shopping and try on a range of stylish new clothes that they may never had access to before due to them being overweight.

Many people will also give their general look a full makeover too, and as such below I am going to be taking a look at some women’s hairstyles that you may be interested in trying out to give yourself a moral a huge boost too.

You know, it’s true, your hair changes a lot about you, and a new look after losing weight is always a sure fire way to make the transition complete. From simply changing where your parting is, to going whole hog and having a re-style, there are plenty of options available to you.

Relaxed perms are making a comeback, and thanks to the advancements in hairdressing, they no longer are a harsh on the hair.

The most important thing to remember when looking at a new style is to look at your new face shape. Will you suit a sleek bob? Or maybe you’d be better suited to a sharp pixie cut. The general rule is you should go for something that flatters your best features and softens your worst.

The beauty of the modern age is that you can go online and test out hairstyles before actually getting it done, a bit like a try before you buy type scenario. You can experiment with different colours, techniques, fringes, so don’t be scared to have a look and see what you like and what suits you. You can then give your stylist the most accurate request after all we aren’t mind readers or psychics.

Also, speak to friends and family, and ask what they think, because sometimes we are so blinded by what we think will suit us, we have almost blinkered vision.

Take the time to properly look at yourself, not only the physical side, but also your lifestyle, does your job allow for long hair? Are you a bit of a secret punk and want to unleash it? Do you really want the same brown hair colour you’ve had for the last 20 years?

Weight loss is a hugely empowering thing, and as such, you should adopt the new life new look idea. Funk your wardrobe up a bit, do things you didn’t dare to. The same goes with your hair, because one of the first things people notice is hair. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing matching socks and underwear, most people won’t be seeing them (unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model), but hair is one of the universal things that everyone sees and notices.