Ryan Thomas Looks Better After Celebrity Island Appearance

I do enjoy looking forward to some TV reality game shows, much more so if it is a celebrity edition!

Watching celebs often losing the plot and fighting amongst themselves after just a few days of being cooped up together can make for great viewing! Celebrity Island is one show I enjoy watching, and you will not have been able to miss the weight loss achieved by Ryan Thomas after his appearance on that show!

Gird your loin’s boys. There’s a new hunk around. Ryan Thomas has been big, he’s been average and he’s been a lanky teenager whose feet were too big for his body.

However, after his ‘fat’ phase, he’s bulked up and is now a bit of a heart throb. This was not due to genetics however. He’s had to really work at it. Actually he’s had a harder time than most because he seems to just ‘store’ anything he eats. You know how some people say they only need to look at a cake and put a stone on? He really does seem to do that.

However, Celebrity Island is forcing him to forage, cut back and most of all, exercise.

Exercise is a bit of a dirty word for some, because it’s associated with going to the gym with a load of Muscle Mary’s who have a body of Tarzan and a voice of Jane. When in actual fact, we exercise daily. Even if it’s only a walk to the shop instead of getting the car or getting off the bus a stop or two early and walking the extra bit it’s really easy to burn off those calories with minimal effort.

Being essentially left to his own devices on Celeb Island, Ryan has had to come to terms with the fact McDonald’s is not around the corner or that KFC is a mere 10 minute drive away. So he’s being forced to eat less and move more. Basically (and I hate to quote my great grandmother), it’s a diet.

However, he not only looks good, he looks healthy and willing and able.

I hate the term diet, because of the stigma. I’m slim, and I have a diet. My partner is average, and he has a diet. We all have a diet, because anything we eat is our diet.

Now, I know this will grate a few people, but if you are overweight, try reducing your diet, or replacing it and move a bit more. The last thing people want, especially relatives, is someone that plays Age of Empires and eats junk all day and then complains they can’t lose weight.

So, get your butt into gear and move. It may sound silly, and a bit harsh, but gentle exercise is as good as a workout in the gym.