How Did Nigella Lawson Lose So Much Weight?

You cannot flick through the newspapers these days without reading about a celebrity that has lost a lot of weight. One such celebrity is Nigella Lawson, and she did appear to lay low for quite some time with her not making the headlines as she usually did, but there was good reason for that!

She had been attempting to lose weight, and when she did make her first public appearance many people were stunned with just how much weight she had lost!

The queen of the Kitchen lost a lot of weight very quickly, however, it has been said a few things have helped. Firstly, there is the divorce from Charles Saatchi, which understandably put her under great stress and saw her putting her most inner secrets out in the open. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to eat under that pressure.

Secondly, there is the cutting back on the booze. Nigella, gorgeous and buxom and bubbly as she is, likes a drink. In fact, some of her recipes call for lashings of red wine. YEY! All you tired mums and dads, there is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of self medication after a long day! Basically, Nigella cut back because the booze provides nothing but empty calories.

By all means, have a drink, and enjoy, but a standard glass of wine can be calorific, and some beers too.

Nigella also exercises a lot which does help. You can’t eat like she does and not exercise. Her (delicious) rich food is very flavoursome, but also quite high in fat, and to eat like that, you need to move. It can be anything from a simple walk to the shops, or spending an hour in the gym, either way, you need to move.

There is also the bulking food out with vegetables (parents with children, take note!). In the kitchen, you don’t need to follow most recipes to the letter, and adding veggies will cut down on the overall cost of meals while also upping your vegetable intake. After all, who said Lasagne can’t contain meat AND veggies?

You don’t need to be a purist to understand the basic concept of tailoring your food to suit you. I don’t like mushrooms, but I love Peppers, so I substitute one for another. I also make meals with things that are about to go off. Meat tends to keep longer than vegetables, and as such, I will fit a meal around what I have and work out what I’m going to do.

It really isn’t rocket science, if you want to get Nigella’s figure with the least possible effort, literally eat like her. Her view is everything in moderation, exercise, and a healthy treat of wine in the evenings.