Kerry Katona Dazzles after Her Recent Weight Loss

Whenever you see newspaper headlines which mention Kerry Katona, you often wonder just what she has done this time.

Kerry is sadly one of those celebrities that can often cause a stir when on live TV shows or when the guest of honour at events but for all the wrong reasons. She has however achieved some very noticeable weight loss recently, and is now turning a lot of heads with her dazzling new look!

It’s been a really hard 10 years for Kerry, kids, divorces, convicts, drugs, yo-yo diets, Celebrity Big Brother, mis-prescribed medication, alcohol and bipolar. However, she’s bounced back. The thing with Kerry Katona is she is a pragmatist. She looks at things in such a way where it’s always profit or loss.

A lovely, homely person, if with a few issues, she always tries to work things out to benefit her and her family, even if that means making hard decisions. One of her latest hard choices is to lose some weight.

Though hardly obese, Kerry was overweight, which isn’t ideal for anyone, and she decided to get back into shape. She’s ditched all the chocolates and crisps, and is now embarking on a healthy diet of eat all you want, but in moderation and is teaming it with exercise.

Kerry also has the added issue of weight gain through her medication, though we don’t know exactly which she is on, carbamazepine has the most common side effects that she relates to. Now you try shifting that weight, because I can guarantee it isn’t going to happen without a lot of work.

Kerry has undertaken a slightly bohemian lifestyle change, firstly for her physical health, but also her mental health. She’s ditched processed foods, makes herself exercise and eats more vegetables than she used to. Basically put, she’s cut out all of the things that triggers her mental health issues, and is thriving because of it.

Mental health is no laughing matter. In fact, it should be spoken about more and the stigma taken away, and if someone can get by without meds and just a change in diet or cutting something out, more power to them.

What we need is more knowledge and understanding, because eating disorders on both sides of the spectrum stem from mental health, and it need addressing.

Kerry looks fabulous to the point where I’m surprised she’s not riding a unicorn that breaks wind with glitter. But it’s through hard work, determination and toil that she has done it.

If you want to follow in Kerry’s footsteps, it’s really simple, don’t go to excess on things, and eat in moderation and exercise, even if it is only a 20 minute walk. Just put you MP3 player on and go!